The office is open during business hours of 9 to 5pm, weekdays. However, moving day is by appointment and we can accommodate any time as long as it is booked in advance.

We have the license to operate and we also have a comprehensive insurance that can cover bodily and physical damages.

We have an hourly rate that is dependent on how many staff and crew are needed for an efficient move. A free quotation is also available.

The hourly minimum is just two hours.

When do I need to schedule my move? We encourage as early as possible to ensure that we have got the date and time covered. We do not have any charges for cancelation or deposits for early booking so it is really encouraged. However, we also understand that there can be a few last minute changes and this is totally understandable. Just let us know of these changes and we can arrange for a schedule.

Cash, all major credit cards, and postal money order.

There is no need to deposit. As aforementioned, we understand that there can be changes in schedules and we appreciate it if you let us know in advance so we can release the previous date to another customer and check for you the next intended date.

What are the sizes of items that can be moved? Name your item and we can do it for you! We can happily move from pianos, king sized mattresses and even freezers.

Where can you drive us?

We can drive within the entire state, and will be able to lend a hand in loading or unloading trucks if outside of the state.
How about pianos and pool tables? We can move all sizes of pianos and as for pool tables, we recommend that a professional pool table disassembling company do it for you, our coordinator will be able to assist.

Can I give a tip for the mover? We do not encourage tipping and is not required from the customer, but if you do choose to tip, it is also appreciated. A good range is somewhere in between 5 to 10 dollars per person per hour.

What happens if there are damages caused during the move? We believe that this is a very rare occurrence, but if circumstances do state otherwise, we are ready for any repairs. We also offer damage claims and you can report it or ask help from your coordinator.

Do you have everything ready for the move? Certainly! Everything that is needed during a move is provided for by us. While there is standard equipment, there are also additional items that might be needed and the coordinator will take care of this prior to moving day.

What happens if the move takes less time than what was previously estimated? An estimate is just an approximation so we do understand that time can vary. In order to keep everything cost efficient, the final payment is rounded off to the closest 15 minute post the minimum of 2 hours.

If I would like to lend a hand on move day, am I allowed? Help is appreciated in preparing for the move, but not necessarily during. The insurance of the company does not cover anyone other than our staff so we believe that it is best to stay back and relax during the move.

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