Benefits of Plastic Containers For Moving

The Use of Storage Containers When Moving Out

Moving into a different place? Then you must be busy packing your belongings and packing needs a tremendous time and have to be done carefully because you are dealing with things came from your hard earned money. So for a safer packing of your things, you better call an expert movers of Devon Moving Company in Chicago. They will handle your valuables carefully regardless of its size. The company has been serving satisfied customers for many years now. They will be able to provide you ease and convenience from packing day until your moving day.

Calling a mover is one of the choices you can make when it seems you cannot handle the things needed when moving out. However, you can save money if you can just pack your own things with the help of plastic containers. Here are the tips about plastic containers that you might be interested of. Read further below.

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Here are some different ways that plastic can help you make an impact for your storage needs in your home or business:

Kitchen Storage

Most restaurants and commercial kitchens are fastidious about keeping their work areas clean. By switching to plastic, you can not only keep your perishables and dry goods safe from the elements, you can also ensure that the container that they are stored in will not degrade or decay. One company tested an olive oil for kitchen use over a two year period. After one and a half years of storage, the humidity from the kitchen created decay in the tins that the oil was stored in, causing a flavor distortion. The oil that was stored in plastic containers retained its fresh taste for dipping with breads for the entire two year test cycle, which was how long it was supposed to stay fresh.

Mobile Tool Kits

Although there are several different systems available for workers that use tools, one of the most common standbys for small businesses is to organize their tools into different plastic containers so that they remain separate yet available for use.

Computer Parts

Tablets and smartphones have made inroads into the typical company or consumer computer setup. At the same time, what home or office does not have a lot of extra cable and accessories that comes with their IT equipment? Organizing these parts into plastic bins makes a lot of sense for most firms. They can also be a part of certified quality for processes if a company is seeking ISO or other recognition to meet client requirements.

Archiving Files

Whether you run a business or a household, your paperwork will tend to stack up over time. Getting a large plastic bin that is stackable and can be covered can make a lot of difference when it comes to managing the extra paperwork that is no longer needed. One way to get started at your business is to determine a specific time limit by department and then remove all documents that are older than that date and archive them. That way you keep your current documentation to a minimum while your documents that are older are still available somewhere else in your facility.

Off-season Clothing Storage

Plastic containers continue to be one of the most relied upon means of storing, sorting, and transporting items that you own or create. Leveraging their capabilities in your home or business should end up saving you time and money.


We may now all agree that plastic containers are a life saver. In contrary, not all containers can be used for packing when we are moving out. In fact, some of the containers and other boxes need to be disposed. Don’t be a hoarder! You better read these tips to make your moving out more easy.

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Size matters

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When it comes to moving boxes, there is a perfect size—and it might not be what you think.

Manuela Irwin, relocation expert at, recommends hoarding small boxes. Often called “book boxes,” these boxes come in at 1.5 cubic feet.

Small boxes “are easy to carry and load,” says Irwin, noting that they’re especially helpful if you do most of your moves yourself. “If a box becomes too heavy, the items inside can tear it up.”

Typically, you can get rid of your largest boxes—including appliance boxes, wardrobe boxes, and commercial bin–size boxes.

“It is almost impossible to carry and load those boxes,” Irwin says. And even when they’re flat as pancakes, those massive boxes are tough to store.

Put your needs first

Once you’ve stowed away the small (and movable) boxes and tossed the biggest ones, you’ll be left with a mishmash of sizes and shapes. So, consider your needs.

Not everything is going to fit in a small box. Like, um, your sea kayak. Or your TV. Or lighter, oddly shaped items such as lamps, large vases, and serving trays.

For those smaller items, do a test run and see what can fit into your medium-size boxes, but keep this in mind: Don’t cram a million heavy small things into a large box if you want an easy move.

Let it go, let it go

As a society, we have a strange habit of holding on to the box something came in. From the giant flat-screen TV box to the boxes for all of our small appliances, you’re likely holding on to at least half the boxes—and all the packing materials—for everything you own.

The thing is, those boxes will hold only one thing. And while your blender might feel very secure in its perfect egg carton shell and custom-fit box—if you go this route—you’ll be moving twice as many boxes as you need to.

Don’t want no scrubs

Finally, take a hard look at your saved boxes. Your move might have been a battle—but if those boxes have battle scars, it’s time for the recycling bin. And don’t forget to give the inside a good whiff. Seriously. If you moved cleaning products, your spice cabinet, or your unwashed clothes, the cardboard might absorb the smell forever. And if it smells now, whatever you pack inside could end up smelling later.


Knowing, when to let go is a great thing especially if it’s a box of no use. But always remember never let go of the things that will help you get things done quickly. Never let go of the option to choose Devon Moving Company for a stress-free transfer into your new place. Their expert movers will provide you comfort and peace of mind.


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