Moving Your Office In The Most Efficient Way

office-moversYou own a successful business in the Chicago area, with a great reputation and a solid customer base. Your business is growing at a such steady pace that you have outgrown your present office space and need to move to a new location that better serves your customers. It is a tough decision to make because you have been in this location for many years and your customers are accustomed to having you there. But in reality, by moving your office to a new location, it will be more efficient for you, and it will increase the productivity of your operations to better serve your clients. The question is, how do you efficiently move your office into a new location without affecting your productivity and customer loyalty?

Plan well in advance

There are many factors that are associated with moving the location of your office; have your clients been advised well in advance of your move, will you experience any down time, how will this affect your productivity in the short term. The best way to ensure that your transition to a new office goes as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible, is by hiring a professional office moving company. At Devon Moving Company in Chicago, we specialize in moving your office to its new location in a professional manner, and we work to minimize the impact on your productivity.  We are a cost effective solution for your moving needs

Your Office equipment is well taken care of

The most important factors to consider when hiring a moving company is whether they have a good reputation in the business community and if they can deliver the equipment on the specified date and without any damage. Devon Moving Company is the leading company in Chicago when it comes to the office moving industry. We know how valuable your time is, and how important it is to deliver your office equipment on time. We are available on weekends and after business hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Our expert packers and movers take care to properly wrap your equipment to prevent damage, and transport it in a safe manner. We are fully bonded and insured and our employee’s backgrounds are verified to ensure that they are honest and trustworthy.

Here are some of most important benefits from hiring Devon moving company.

  •    You ‘don’t have to physically exhaust yourself, we do all the heavy lifting
  •    We are registered with the Better Business Bureau
  •    We have a great reputation in the business community
  •    We are a family owned business that is dedicated to customer satisfaction

For increased peace of mind and to make that sure your office is moved with a minimal loss of productivity, trust the professionals at Devon Moving Company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (773) 829-7174, or fill in our online appointment page and one of our agents will contact you.

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