Essential Office Moving Tips

Tips for your Hassle Free Office Moving


Office or corporate moving can be stressful especially because the move has to be fast to avoid losing business.Keep in mind that even during the move, a business needs to be operational. This means that you should do your best to keep things active during this period.The preparation includes preparing the employees and their families if they are required to move out of town and getting the business ready for the move. The following are some important office moving tips that will ensure that the process is smoothly handled and problems are avoided. Plan your office moving today with Devon Moving Company.

3 Months To The Move

Early preparation is very important and should start about 3 months prior to the moving date. Only the necessary time should be dedicated to the move preparation. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the new office and take all the necessary measurements. This is if you have already identified the new location and paid the necessary fees to book the space.This early preparation will give you enough time to look at the shape of the rooms and calculate the amount of  furniture required to fill the space. If you are not planning on using the old furniture, you will have enough time to buy what you need.

A Month Before Moving

This is the period when you need to inform all the employees about the new plans and sitting arrangements.You also need to notify he landlord, movers and anyone else your business is directly involved with. It is important that employees understand where they will be sitting to avoid any problems. Start sending out notifications to your clients about the move and remember to include the moving date and the new location. This will help in preventing a loss in business after the move.

Moving Day

chicago moversYou should have packed everything that needs to be moved before this day. Pack anything that does not need to be used the previous day and pack the important items that are continuously in use on this day. Have the employees pack their items to prevent any confusion during unpacking. All the boxes should be clearly labeled for fast unpacking. The moving day should not have many different activities apart from moving to prevent any delays. If possible you can move the office in two shifts. Leave a part of the office running in the old office and after the moved part has been setup, you can move the rest of the office to the new location. This can play a major role in preventing downtime especially if your business runs around the clock or online.


If you were organized enough when packing the office items, unpacking will be an easy process. Labeled boxes are easy to handle and this is why labeling is emphasized. The boxes should also be clearly marked with the location they need to be placed. This will prevent any confusion that might bring about a setup delay.

Moving your office does not have to be daunting task characterized by a loss of clients. When you plan well and early, your move will be smooth and timely.



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