Do-It-Yourself Moving Mistakes

Top Three Mistakes People Make When Deciding Not to Hire Professional Movers

Buying your dream house can be exciting, but the process from moving to your new home can be very daunting. While moving your things by yourself is possible, people often underestimate the tasks at hand.

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Mistake #1: “Hiring professional movers is too expensive!”


If you’re moving in the same town and city, you do not have to pack many things, and you do not have much heavy things, it is possible to do it by yourself. However if you are going out of state and would have lots of furniture, a professional and experienced mover is definitely advisable. In the end, you realize that doing things by yourself can be more expensive than hiring a professional and experienced mover.

Mistake #2: “It’s easy to move my stuff!”


If you take into consideration that you have to do at least 10 trips back-and- forth to move your stuff if you’re driving a Toyota Prius, the move would end up being far from easy. Also, you have to consider that moving your prized possessions, like your grandma’s full body mirror or your child’s first swing and other memorabilia, cannot be taken lightly.

When moving you stuff, the choice of transportation is very important. Choosing a truck too small for what you need, and a truck too big for what you need, both end up being more costly.

Here are the recommended truck specifications for what you need:

  • Pickup truck: ideal for small moves
  • Cargo van: ideal for partial college moves or moving out of a studio
  • apartment
  • 10-12 foot truck: ideal for college moves and small apartments. This is the
  • most common rental truck available in the market.
  • 20-26 foot truck: ideal for moving out of large multi-bedroom houses.

When moving out with a baby, also do not forget to check out Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s car seat recommendations for children. Devon Moving is one of the few full-service moving companies with family-friendly options.

Mistake #3: “My family and friends can always help me out.”

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If you were a real friend, you wouldn’t expect your friends to get out of their way just to help you out. And you wouldn’t expect them to leave everything behind—work, family and other commitments—to accommodate your request. As a real friend, you will be considerate of your friends’ personal schedules. You might want to avoid conflict with family and friends and either do the move yourself, or ask the help of a professional mover.


These aforementioned mistakes can always be avoided with proper planning. First off, research the mover that you want to entrust your belongings to. Are they licensed? Are customers happy with their services? Another important factor is to make an inventory of your things before you start moving. You don’t want to end up forgetting and losing your precious things in the process.

What is the difference of DIY Moving VS Hiring Professional Movers. To give you more information, do check out the video for your reference and decide whether to do your own moving or get help from professional movers.

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Moving should be a fun and exciting activity—it shouldn’t drag you down! Avoid the three biggest mistaken assumptions mentioned above: “Hiring a professional mover is too expensive,” “It’s easy to move my stuff,” and “My family and friends can always help me out.” These are all big misassumptions and falling for them can end up with more bills and headaches for you. There are many moving companies you can contact, but be sure to contact a trusted one with the best reviews. If you want a trusted mover to help you out, call your nearest professional moving company services near you!

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