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As a hauling business owner, it can be challenging to be an all-rounder doing administrative, accounting, payroll, operational and marketing tasks. It can be difficult to focus and this is understandable, given that any business is multifaceted and should remain as dynamic as it can be if it wants to grow.


We, at Cheap Dumpster for Rent, are here to give you all the guidance you need to fully support your company so you can further focus on your strengths. We know leads are very important to the sustenance of your client base, and we are here to connect you with these customers who are in need of your services. Our ultimate goal is to help give you a steady flow of clients to further add in to your business profile. A pool of happy clients is very important—as they say, “Customer is King,”—and can spell out the difference between a successful and flat out business.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from partnering with us:

  • Free setup: it’s absolutely free to register with us.
  • No obligatory monthly and annual charges: you only pay for client leads that get interested with your business.
  • No contracts that shall scare you away: you can contact us any time when you need lead connections, and we’ll leave you in peace when you don’t need one.
  • You can focus on your business: you can make sure you strengthen your core business services, and you do not have to dabble your finger on too many things all at once.
  • Trust and consistency: we built our customer base through trust and good service; so we expect the same from you as well.
  • Regular updates: we give you weekly reports on how you can ease your way through the lead acquisition campaign.
  • Archived data and call records: you can access written and audio conversations for your review and reference, and for sales’ purposes.


What sets us apart from competition? Here are our advantages:

  • Big savings with leads pre-bought: you can control the number of leads procured and so you are able to watch your finances and have control over them. Pre-buying leads prove very beneficial as it gives you access to these three powerful sites: Google My Business listings, Facebook Fan page listings, and Yelp review listings.
  • High quality converted leads: unlike our competitors, we provide leads of the high quality; not just long lists of local contractors and clients who are unlikely to avail of your services. We provide client lists that are 99.9% likely to come to you for the service.
  • Easy-to- use tracking software: it is very easy to keep track of your convertible leads with our friendly software.
  • Customer reviews to drive your business: we make sure your clients give you the reviews and stars you deserve, so you are able to further positively market your business. We will contact your previous clients to verify on their experience, and publish these on consumer websites so people get to know of your service quality from a client point-of- view.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us now and let us do the lead generation for you. You take care of your business; and we will take care of your customers.

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